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Who is Jesus Christ

Essential Christian Doctrine by CARM

The Jesus Style (audiobook) by Gayle Erwin 
On the nature of Jesus Christ, personally relating to Jesus Christ, and discipleship 


Section 1: The Bible, & How to Study and Interpret It


The Authority of Scripture by Jonathan Sarfati


Jesus Christ on the Infallibility of Scripture by David Livingston


The Twelve Point Apologetic Argument by Mike Tatar


The 8 Rules of Bible Interpretation by Ron Rhodes and Richard Anthony


Principles of Biblical Interpretation: L-I-G-H-T-S to the Word of God by Hank Hanegraaff


What Are We Teaching about how to Handle Scripture Correctly? by Steve Bright


Bible Interpretation: That’s Just Your Interpretation by Hank Hanegraaff


How to Interpret Your Bible Correctly (Part 1) by Thomas A. Howe


How to Interpret Your Bible Correctly (Part 2) by Thomas A. Howe


The Holy Spirit and Interpreting the Bible by Hank Hanegraaff


Christians Shaped by Experiences Rather Than the ‘Bible First’ Approach by Gary Bates


Section 2: Formal Logic, Critical Thinking, and Research 


Reasons from the Bible to Study Logic by Nathaniel Bluedorn


How Logical Are You? by Hans Bluedorn


Frequently Asked Questions about Logic by Nathaniel Bluedorn


Short List of Fallacies by Nathaniel Bluedorn


Common Logical Fallacies The Writing Center, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Does a Possibly Make a Probably? by Nathaniel Bluedorn


An Admonition to Avoid Assumptions by Hans Bluedorn


A Discussion, A Disagreement, An Argument (Debate), and a Fight by Hans Bluedorn


An Introduction to Critical Thinking by Summit Ministries Staff


Bible Study on Logic and the Inquiring Mind by Nathaniel Bluedorn


Section 3: Spiritual Warfare & Deliverance


The 3 Causes of the Abduction Experience by Joe Jordan and the CE4 Research Group


The 8 Rs to Freedom and Guide for Self-Deliverance by Henry Wright, and by Chris Ward


4 Levels of Spiritual Warfare Against Demonic Spirits by Michael Bradley


Battle Command Against Demonic Spirits by Michael Bradley


Battle Prayer to Break Legal Rights of Demons by Michael Bradley


How to Handle Negative Feelings When Wronged by Someone Else by Michael Bradley


Battle Prayer to Break a Generational Curse Line by Michael Bradley