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WARN’s Mission – Warning the World and Church

Reason 1: The Great Commission

Jesus told us to spread the good news. A rapidly growing number of people are starting to believe in alien life, and developing a spiritual faith in aliens and their messages. Many people are not vocal about their beliefs publicaly, and only a minority are adamant followers of ufology, abductees, or in UFO cults. But a person does not have to somehow be an adamant follower of ufology, or talk about it openly with family and friends, in order to have dangerously false beliefs that make them an open target for spiritual deception. Take a look at these charts based on polls and surveys taken in the US over the last 50 years:

This chart shows that over 85% of people believe there is general alien life out there in the universe somewhere. Hand in hand, it should be no surprise that 100% of people (in the US) have heard of UFOs:

But based on these charts, what is so alarming is that just about 48% of the US population believes that UFOs are from aliens! This chart also shows that about 12% of people claim to have seen a UFO. Also, realize that these figures do not just cover the beliefs of the lost, but also the church. Or in other words, almost half of the people in the US believe that aliens from outer-space are visiting the Earth in UFOs. That means about 1 out of 2 people that you meet believe that aliens are visiting the earth in UFOs! If that doesn’t impact you, then pause and give yourself a minute for this alarming fact to sink in. (And it’s not just in the US, these trends are happening worldwide. For instance, in Australia it’s even higher numbers; a Reader’s Digest survey showed 60% of people believe that aliens are visiting earth.) When you put it all together, odds are if you are in a room with 10 people, 1 has seen a UFO, and 5 believe that UFOs are from space aliens. Or, for every 5 people that believe UFOs are from aliens visiting the earth, there is 1 person around to speak up and say that they have seen a UFO personally, further reinforcing the sense of “reality” of this false belief. What is a result of these beliefs? Potentially, that increasingly more people are having abductee and contactee experiences:

It seems that the number of people being abducted by these entities is increasing, along with the increasing numbers of people who believe in this spiritually dangerous deception. These false beliefs cause a person to be a wide-open target for deception, and more and more of those targets are getting hit all the time with actual abduction experiences.

Reason 2: The Abductees and other Experiencers

Based on a 1991 Roper poll, an estimated 4 million people in the US may have had an “alien abduction” experience (2% of the population). This does not even take into account the number of abductees worldwide, which based on the Roper poll, could be estimated to be 129 million people. Abductees everywhere need to know that abductions can be stopped and terminated as a life pattern in the name and authority of Jesus Christ. Just trying to put this in perspective: about 1% of the world’s population has AIDS. If 2% of the world’s population are being abducted… then that is twice as many people. It’s a number of pandemicproportions.

Reason 3: The Strong Delusion and Coming Worldwide Deception 

It is increasingly obvious to Christian researchers in this field that the fulfillment of the prophecy of the book of Revelation, and the end times deception centered around the final Antichrist, Mark of the Beast, and one world government under the Antichrist, will also be at least heavily tied if not in fact very dependent on the deceptions and lies of UFOs, aliens, and the ideas of evolution and panspermia. This will be a huge worldwide deception, and the Bible warns it will be of such proportions that even the elect would be deceived if such was possible, and also warns that this will in part cause a great deception and falling away to happen in the church. The root of the issue in the falling away is no doubt whether the church accepts the Word of God as being authoritative in all things, and one effect of not doing so will be to fall for this huge worldwide deception.

This is why it is so important for more Christians to get involved in this field of ministry. The need is very great.

WARN’s Mission is to help facilitate and better equip the Body of Christ, individual Christians, and Christian organizations, to:

1. Share the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with those in UFO/New Age cults or deceptive/occult belief systems.

2. Tell everyone that “alien abductions” and other paranormal experiences are a spiritual deception, which can be stopped, and terminated as a life pattern, in the name and authority of the Lord Jesus Christ, and included in this, to help “abductees” and other experiencers be set free from “abductions”.

3. Educate the rest of the Christian church with sound doctrine/information: on spiritual warfare, witnessing and evangelism to the UFO/New Age subculture, helping abductees, and on the Biblical prophecy of a coming worldwide deception which we believe will be heavily tied to, or even dependent upon, belief in “aliens”, evolution, and panspermia.

WARN seeks to educate the church with sound doctrine and information. Our foundation in this mission is the Word of God, the Holy Bible, in this alien/UFO topic and in all other things (see Essentials for more info).