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WARN – Where the called get involved.

These are just some project ideas to get you started, either for those who are new to these topics, or have been around for a while but simply want to get more involved. Really, people find their own way to contribute to this movement per the Holy Spirit’s guidance, and per their unique giftings and callings. There are some (I won’t say many) Christians already actively doing some of the things listed here, mainly independently, and part of what WARN seeks to do is help them to better network together.

Spiritual Warfare Teams – Abductee / Paranormal Experiencer Outreach
There are Christians who have spiritual warfare teams in their local area, which advertise online and locally, and make themselves available to help either Christians or non-Christians who are experiencing paranormal harassment (demons or fallen angels). If you are going to get into this sort of ministry, check out the Spiritual Warfare section on the Essentials page, and personally work through (for yourself in regards to your life in prayer) pretty much everything linked on this webpage: This will serve the duel purpose of strengthening your armor, and also best help you to learn in detail what you need to help others. Also see the spiritual warfare material, especially the 3 Causes and 8 Rs to Freedom, linked here: This spiritual warfare information is applicable for all sorts of spiritual attacks, whether from demons or fallen angels. 

“Let not many of you become teachers, my brethren, knowing that as such we will incur a stricter judgment.” James 3:1
Before you can teach you must first learn. If you feel called to become a teacher, then the first thing you need to do is read the entire Bible. If you have not read the entire Bible at least once, then you surely aren’t ready to teach.  Then learn how to look up Greek and Hebrew to better understand passages of scripture. Also study all of the material linked from the Essentials page, including essential Christian doctrine, standards for how to correctly interpret the Bible, logic and logical fallacies. Christian teachers, in order to teach truth, must know how to be “rightly dividing the word of truth”, and so first must learn the Bible, as it is the truth. 

There are many Christians out there who are teaching things that are false, and prophesying falsely, because it is entirely too easy to end up doing this, especially in this modern society of so much freedom to have divergent opinions, and so much emphasis on right to personal opinion, when people do not learn how to properly interpret scripture, and study logic, and study the Bible enough, before teaching. There may actually be as much work that needs to be done in this field of Christian ministry to debunk false teachings, as there is necessarily work that needs to be done to present new teachings, research, revelations. Frankly, the basic information that needs to be taught to Christianity at large on these topics has already been laid out rather well from scripture, and this information as correct and biblically sound, just needs to be redistributed, multiplied and spread to the church at large.

Debunkings – Send in Your Submissions as WARN Content
This website is seeking to add to it’s Debunkery section. If you would like to try your hand at debunking a teaching you know is false, then feel free to submit your work for publication through the online Contact form. Submissions will be reviewed and if they pass editorial review, will be posted in the Debunkery Section. Some general guidelines to keep in mind are that WARN is seeking Bible-based work of an academic flavor, not just opinion pieces. Also WARN takes the official stance there is no “return of the nephilim” and are no “modern nephilim hybrids”, as such pieces promoting such a view will not meet review and will not be published. Debunkings are recommended to stick to the point of the false teaching being debunked, and will be reviewed on the criteria of the accuracy of the information and arguments presented, including if the piece uses sound logic or contains logical fallacies. Generally pieces are more likely to pass review if they are in line with the stances on scripture and teachings already on this website. Pieces may quote from a work that is being debunked, naming the author of the work being debunked, however it is requested that sources be sited properly and for easy review – for example with author, book and page number, a webpage address including a date the quote was taken, or if from an audio or video file please include both the name or link to the file, and the hour/minute range of the quotation. If you would like feedback on your submission, then include your email address and specify as such, however submissions may also be made totally anonymously via our Contact page using a handle (if so please use an email such as etc. on the form so we can know it is being submitted anonymously). 

Conferences – Have an Outreach Booth
There are UFO Conferences, Paranormal conferences, even horror or scifi conventions, all which provide an opportunity to do Christian Outreach. There you can meet alien abductees, people who are bothered by ghosts, and all sorts of paranormal experiencers who might want some help with these experiences stopping. Usually you will need to get a booth in order to distribute materials without violating any rules, but it varies by event. When it comes to supplies, there are many articles online which you can easily re-format to give away as free handouts. Free stickers can be obtained from V2/STW at You can obtain DVDs to give away from Alien Resistance, which has a wide variety of educational DVDs on the alien/UFO topics available on a name-your-own-price donations basis. You can also obtain a master DVD from them to use to copy many DVDs – as long as you are giving them away freely or just taking optional donations for them to recoup some of your costs. 

Chris White also has a Gospel DVD Tract available at (and several other more targeted tracts), you could obtain a master DVD from there for mass duplication. And if you don’t know how, see the detailed instructions there on how to duplicate DVDs yourself. If you have some free stickers, DVDs, and printouts to give away, that is plenty to have a table at a conference – the rest is a matter of being friendly and just talking to people. You also could make books or free Bibles available if you have the funds. You also could try to write the author of a book you might want to carry to see if they have any specials available on their books, to get them at a lower price for ministry outreach, as sometimes this is available from Christian authors. Most of the cost involved in this will probably be for the booth itself. Depending on the size of the event, booths can run anywhere from $50 to $500. You can try to see if your local church might fund the cost for this, or pool resources with other like-minded believers independently. Conferences/conventions can be a great way to reach large numbers of lost people that you might normally never run into in your community, and for many of these events there currently may be no Christian presence there of any sort. 

These are some websites to get you started in finding cons in your local area.

UFO Conferences – If you would try to have a Christian outreach at a Scifi con, please read through this web Site, this page here first: Generally having a room party might work better having a table, and more private one-on-one methods work better.

Web Outreach – Christians or Secular – Forums, Youtube, Web links, comments, likes
The internet has changed greatly since it’s inception. Linking to websites with good information helps to increase their ranking on Google and other search engines, so that the links to their site show up on page 1, not on page 100. This means that those people who are googling “aliens” or “Bible aliens” or whatever for the first time, who know nothing about these topics, will be more likely to find good Christian websites on these topics. So linking from your own website or blog to websites with good information and teachings is always helpful. But, these days you can do alot of good to increase a website’s google search ranking through Social Media websites, even if you don’t have your own website or blog. By liking /sharing /tweeting /friending /following /subscribing to the youtube/twitter/facebook/google+/vimeo/youtube pages/channels, etc. or by liking/sharing links to individual link to articles, audios or videos, you are helping that information to get more exposure by increasing it’s ranking in search engines. As such you can work rather easily to help good online teachings get out there to more people.

Youtube Outreach – Make your own videos, or subscribe and like good Christian videos that are already out there. You can outreach by posting comments or sending messages to those youtubers with all the alien/UFO/paranormal/ghost videos, giving them relevant informational weblinks, such as youtube videos, articles, websites with a Christian answer on their video topic.

Reaching Churches – How to
Generally at most Bible-believing churches, when it comes to sharing this information with pastors, we recommend starting out by giving them Gary Bates’ book Alien Intrusion: UFOs and the Evolution Connection, or one of his videos. Gary’s material seems to work best as the first introduction to the topic for most pastors, and seems the most likely to be well received. 

A variety of DVDs are available on a name-your-own-price donations basis from Alien Resistance, including one of Gary’s talks. But if you are interested in mass distribution (for instance, giving one to every pastor in your local area), you can obtain a DVD from Alien Resistance to use as a master to copy more – as long as you give the copies away freely. Give your pastor time to look at the material, and talk about it with them after they have looked at it. Some further ideas include seeing if a home-study group could watch a video one week as a group study, or at your church as a video-teaching night. Several of the speakers on the videos above are also available for public speaking at churches or other events, and you could suggest your pastor invite one of them to speak. For instance, to request Gary see here: 

Other Ideas – You could do something like Joe Jordan’s “Relay For Life” team in Florida did:

Get some T-shirts, and wear them as your team’s symbol for a different activism group, club, or sports team.

WARN Facebook Group

There are many Christians who have contacted us, Christians who are knowledgeable of this alien/UFO field of ministry, and/or are former “abductees”, who say they do not have any Christians to have local fellowship with. Some have a church, but feel like they cannot talk about these subjects, and feel isolated. Others do not have a church at all. 

For online fellowship, or  for if you want to find other like-minded believers in your area who are savvy on these topics, then  join the WARN Facebook group. You can ask there to see if there is anyone in your area. 

End of the World Projects:
We unveil some “end of the world projects” here: Including Project ARRR, Project PACMan, and Project Cave COP.  Listen to find out more. 🙂